Quality time.. pets also want it!!!

Quality time-Even pets want it!! “Quality time” is the buzzword.. be it friends, family and now even pets need it.  Pets depend upon us for companionship and togetherness. In our everyday hectic schedule,… Continue reading

Have a safe Diwali!!

Come Diwali and you have your dog scurrying under the bed, refusing to come for a walk or at times rushing  to catch burning crackers. Diwali is a very sensitive time for dogs.… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part II)

Part II in the series of understanding illnesses. This covers: Dehydration and Bladder Problems Drooling Diarrhea Epilepsy D Dehydration and Bladder problems: Just like people, our pets require more drinking water than we… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part I)

Tick fever, Bloat, Flatulence, Maggot infection, Allergic Dermatitis, Puriritus.. Are these words familiar to you? I’m sure you have heard atleast one of these during your visit to the vet. Some words are… Continue reading

Tanuja’s story

A few months back I was so scared of dog’s, and scared means not only scared, but scared stiff. Sometimes I used to even cry but now I love dogs and I want… Continue reading

Meenu and Vetaal- 2 loving dogs looking for happy homes

Meenu is a spayed female white colored dog abt 6 years old. Her nature is extremely docile and calm, very friendly in nature and easily adapts to any environment. Her loyalty is beyond… Continue reading

Skin Problems in Dogs-III

This post will be the last in the series of Skin problems in Dogs. It covers: Neurogenic Infectious Neurogenic Skin Problems As the name suggests, this type of skin disorder suggest something induced,… Continue reading

Skin Problems in Dogs-II

This issue, as we know is in continuation of topic Skin Prombelm in Dogs. In the 2nd part of the series, we would be covering skin problems  under the following categories: Environmental Allergic… Continue reading

Rainy Days!!

The rainy season has officially started. Beautiful cool breeze and plush greenery everywhere!!! Such a beautiful time for long drives, walks in the rain and weekend vacations. Unfortunately, it is not such a… Continue reading

Skin Problems in Dogs-I

Most itching, scratching, biting and licking is what is called “pruritus” (means itching in Latin). Many canines experience skin problems at some point during their life time. Most of these diseases are chronic,… Continue reading