A Stronger Me

Today, three years back, 29thJune2013, made me a stronger person than what I believed I was. I took 100% charge of a life because I believed that was the right thing to do. Who gave… Continue reading

Summer events @PetSitters

We are happy to announce two very innovative and exciting ONGOING events at PetSitters starting tomorrow till 1st week June, 2016 Paint-a-thon An open forum for all those wish to hold a paint… Continue reading

Tick Prevention

A COUPLE OF days back, in the middle of a very hectic kennel schedule, walked in a pet dog with loads of ticks on his body. A quick 10 second hand run thru… Continue reading

Pet Carnival-1oth April, 2016

PetSitters is proud to be associated with Lok Biradari Mitra Mandal, an organisation dedicated to highlight the works of Padmashree Dr Prakash Amte.  As a part of a fund raising event and to showcase… Continue reading

Holi Hain!!!!

Dry Holi. No colour holi. Well, we BEG TO DIFFER. Get your water colours out and paint the picture the way you want. We have a pet and we have you, we have… Continue reading

Fun for Fido or Not- Article reposted from Patricia McConnell’s blog

request each and every one of you to read this article. Its about Dog Day care and Boarding facilities by #Patricia #McConnell a very renowned name in the field of dog behaviour. As… Continue reading

A family member you get to choose

Your family comes to you. The day you were born, your family has been there ever since. And then there came the pet dog- Your NEW family member. The one you chose. You… Continue reading

Vaishnavi and Gayatri- Our youngest volunteers @PetSitters

Vaishnavi and Gayatri Shewani- two lovely girls I have met till date. Their interaction with me started about a year and a half back, when their mother called me asking to meet for… Continue reading

Anuja’s recount

My first visit to PetSitters was a part of the research work I had to carry out for my college on innovative entrepreneurs and their ventures. Little did I know at that time… Continue reading

A volunteer- a part of our family

  Someone like you: So, I hear you take in volunteers?  Me: Yes! Someone like you: I just want to come and watch dogs play, can I do that?  Me: Yes, offcourse you can… Continue reading