Pool Party @ PetSitters

PetSitters Pool Party is back… Come soak up the sun and jump in the water with your pet or our pet. Games, Activities and some pure and simple FUN. Register NOW. This event… Continue reading

A bit on how to deal with Pet Dogs and Street Dogs- rules and regulations that apply and certain rights that we have as pet owners

As an individual and as a pet owners and someone who has now been a part of the pet industry, i am often come across situations, where pet owners are going through problems… Continue reading

Breaking a stereotype!!

Had a wonderful morning today. We had a bunch of school kids visit PetSitters today. They had a unit on “Work Places”. Most kids have a very specific idea on what a work… Continue reading

Looking for a home

Hi, Who can take this little sweety into his home, it’s a loving and very social little fellow, does it’s pipi outside and sleeps like a baby at night, no crying. It needs… Continue reading

A letter…..

Summers are here and we are all gearing ourselves for a long three month period of rising temperatures, kids holidays, holiday bookings for you and your pet and various ways to cool yourself… Continue reading

A little more on flea and tick control

FLEAS You see your dog itching or scratching or biting more than usual. What’s your first observation? “He must have fleas”. Most of the times, this is a correct diagnosis. Fleas are about… Continue reading

Quality time.. pets also want it!!!

Quality time-Even pets want it!! “Quality time” is the buzzword.. be it friends, family and now even pets need it.  Pets depend upon us for companionship and togetherness. In our everyday hectic schedule,… Continue reading

Have a safe Diwali!!

Come Diwali and you have your dog scurrying under the bed, refusing to come for a walk or at times rushing  to catch burning crackers. Diwali is a very sensitive time for dogs.… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part II)

Part II in the series of understanding illnesses. This covers: Dehydration and Bladder Problems Drooling Diarrhea Epilepsy D Dehydration and Bladder problems: Just like people, our pets require more drinking water than we… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part I)

Tick fever, Bloat, Flatulence, Maggot infection, Allergic Dermatitis, Puriritus.. Are these words familiar to you? I’m sure you have heard atleast one of these during your visit to the vet. Some words are… Continue reading