Today is what they feel

With every passing child coming in and walking out of our campus over the last few years, either for the Fun Venture or Socialisation sessions or a Play Therapy session we have done… Continue reading

Canine Assisted Reading programs – An overview

Originally posted on The Pet Project:
Today, I happened to be looking for some material on children’s literature as that’s one thing that really fascinates and intrigues me. A couple of modified Google…

The Woof Talks – Coffee’s big day!

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She woke up earlier than usual today. I didn’t have to paw her, lick her nose or coax her with my wake up special hubbub which she…

Pet Sitting- just Googled it

​An empty mind gives an idea for Google search.  Out of the tonnes of things that I Google for,  today I decided to Google “petsitters”.  Happy to say,  that I was found in… Continue reading

Wags n Words

A memory of his big grin, that habit of hers that makes you laugh out loud every time. That life-long bond, the wordless, unconditional love shared with furry friends, here and gone.  Greetings… Continue reading

A Stronger Me

Today, three years back, 29thJune2013, made me a stronger person than what I believed I was. I took 100% charge of a life because I believed that was the right thing to do. Who gave… Continue reading

Summer events @PetSitters

We are happy to announce two very innovative and exciting ONGOING events at PetSitters starting tomorrow till 1st week June, 2016 Paint-a-thon An open forum for all those wish to hold a paint… Continue reading

Tick Prevention

A COUPLE OF days back, in the middle of a very hectic kennel schedule, walked in a pet dog with loads of ticks on his body. A quick 10 second hand run thru… Continue reading

Pet Carnival-1oth April, 2016

PetSitters is proud to be associated with Lok Biradari Mitra Mandal, an organisation dedicated to highlight the works of Padmashree Dr Prakash Amte.  As a part of a fund raising event and to showcase… Continue reading

Holi Hain!!!!

Dry Holi. No colour holi. Well, we BEG TO DIFFER. Get your water colours out and paint the picture the way you want. We have a pet and we have you, we have… Continue reading