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दिवाळी 2017

From the teacher in me…

Pressed by my colleague Ira Hulikavi. Sharing it further. Source: From the teacher in me…


Dog Socialisation is the buzz word currently.  Pet carnivals,  pet fairs, brunches with and for pets are coming up in a big way.  It’s a great way for people to move out with… Continue reading

Because playing in mud is more than just fun!

Pressed it from my colleague Ira’s blog- The Pet Project Those who know me, probably think to themselves, she is an odd combination of likings. For as much as I am sometimes consumed… Continue reading

Premium Price 

​The medical facility was in a small space.  They grew big and moved to a swanky new building.  Parking lot,  big reception, AC enclosures,  cabins for all the administrative and medical staff. Fees… Continue reading

Intersperse fun

​I had a childhood interspersed with trees.  Going to “the ground” was the best part of the day.  The tekdi during summer holidays was a thing to wake up for.  Cycling around in… Continue reading

Ma’am, what exactly do you do?

A couple of days back, while I was in the middle of a major rush, my phone rang. Unknown number, I’ll call back as I got free, I thought. But the caller was… Continue reading

Today is what they feel

With every passing child coming in and walking out of our campus over the last few years, either for the Fun Venture or Socialisation sessions or a Play Therapy session we have done… Continue reading

Canine Assisted Reading programs – An overview

Originally posted on The Pet Project:
Today, I happened to be looking for some material on children’s literature as that’s one thing that really fascinates and intrigues me. A couple of modified Google…