A family member you get to choose

Your family comes to you. The day you were born, your family has been there ever since. And then there came the pet dog- Your NEW family member. The one you chose. You… Continue reading

Vaishnavi and Gayatri- Our youngest volunteers @PetSitters

Vaishnavi and Gayatri Shewani- two lovely girls I have met till date. Their interaction with me started about a year and a half back, when their mother called me asking to meet for… Continue reading

Anuja’s recount

My first visit to PetSitters was a part of the research work I had to carry out for my college on innovative entrepreneurs and their ventures. Little did I know at that time… Continue reading

A volunteer- a part of our family

  Someone like you: So, I hear you take in volunteers?  Me: Yes! Someone like you: I just want to come and watch dogs play, can I do that?  Me: Yes, offcourse you can… Continue reading

The Sultanate lives

All the regulars on this blog are not new to Sultan. He has written a couple of blogs for us and is languishing in all the love and attention he gets from us… Continue reading

Of Crates and Cruelty

hello, I have been looking for a lovely post (like a personal experience of sorts) from parents who have Crate Trained their pets. Shalini, our blog associate and a fellow blog writer, wrote… Continue reading

A lot has happened over the last weeks. Why don’t you write about it?

So, WordPress has been prodding and urging to me to write all that happened over the last couple of weeks, that I have finally succumbed to their request (which sounded more like an… Continue reading

A job well done.. a forever home and a rescue

A Dog loving neighborhood and immediate help from a vet helped goes a long way!!! My neighbour called me about an hour and half back saying that there is a puppy stuck in one… Continue reading

Nov, 2013 pictures uploaded!!

Nov, 2013 pictures uploaded!!

WSD is having its garage Sale!!!! Time to go, do some Retail Therapy!!

Sharing this post on behalf of WSD, Mumbai. All you Mumbai-ites, go do some Retail Therapy   The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) is an animal welfare NGO that sterilizes and immunizes stray dogs.… Continue reading