To the one who…..

To the one who …. changed perceptions for me. …. taught me that a dog is not to be defined as a breed but has got to be defined by how you raise… Continue reading

Diwali bookings open for 2018

The holiday season is round the corner and we are waiting to have your pets over at PetSitters. Send in an email to to confirm your pets holiday home. Best Regards, Shalaka… Continue reading

Our little Red Riding Hood

Elli, formerly known an Electron. What a life and what a bloody lucky soul. I mean, who in a lifetime gets to make 4 homes her own. And rightfully so- with all her… Continue reading

My pride! Ours too!

“Ours too” Thank you for this lovely comment Vinita Chopra. It’s such a small space out there and sometimes such a small window to make sure that you are appreciated for what you… Continue reading

My people…

There are days and times when things go right. And then there are days and times when things don’t go right. Or maybe as per plan. Those are the days when life seems… Continue reading


So,to sum it all up, it was just another year. Another 365 days. But that one day before this 365 days is what sticks to me. The best day of my life..but the… Continue reading

a life lived

Originally posted on elephant in the study:
My grandmother died a little over three weeks ago. She was sick for about a month before–not really sick but her body was failing. But until…

Ladakh Diaries

Little did I know that a place would call me twice in a year. A place which I had only heard of, the land of the desert,the land of the passes, the blue… Continue reading

Xmas and New Year Bookings Open. 

दिवाळी 2017