Dog Obesity

A study dated 2006 stated that nearly 40% of US dog population was Obese. This was further co-related to 26% of this 40% saw Obese owners. Reasons stated were—Sedentary lifestyles, Lack of time and “couch potato” tendencies. Today, as we all live a hectic life, lets not forget that happy face that greets us at the door day after day with a face that says “Lets go play” and you are just too tired after a long day at work and you promise him saying “Tomorrow”. So stick to that promise and go play!!

May snaps uploaded…

Hi everyone… click on the link below to see some funny snaps… May, 10 snaps have also been uploaded!!! Shalaka

Dental Care for Dogs

It would be nice if our dogs could rinse their mouth after every meal they have. But as they cannot, the immediate effect- Bad breath. Dental problems  (periodontal disease) are the most common… Continue reading

Blue Cross Mix Breed and Kitten Adoption on 9th May

Blue Cross Mix Breed Pup and Kitten adoption mela on 9th May, 10 at Govt. Veterinary Poly Clinic, Opp. Spicer College, Aundh. be there to take away the best of the breed. Contact… Continue reading


Champ is a loving 2 year old who is looking for a new home. Extremely affectionate, very good looking and a wonderful friendly personalilty- that’s Champ for you. True to his Lab nature,… Continue reading

An Ode to Bhama

An Ode to Bhama… My beloved monster and me We go everywhere together Wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves Gets us through all kinds of weather She will always be the only… Continue reading

Pet Airline launched

Pet Airways has launched in the US (where else???) Check out this article on,28318,25369013-5014090,00.html

PetSitters??? As in babysitters???

Yes!!! PetSitters as in babysitters!!!! So do you keep all pets at PetSitters? No, right now it’s just dogs, but then we do get enquiries for petsitting cats, hamsters and even guinea pigs.… Continue reading

Summer and Heat Strokes for dogs

Summer has arrived and it has made its presence felt from as early as January. As humans, summers sap the energy out of us and similarly it affects our furry friends as well.… Continue reading