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Monsoons and Dogs Part I

This season, you might be planning weekend getaways and reading a book in the gallery with pakoras by your side but, it might not be that great a time for your fur baby.… Continue reading

To the one who…..

To the one who …. changed perceptions for me. …. taught me that a dog is not to be defined as a breed but has got to be defined by how you raise… Continue reading

My pride! Ours too!

“Ours too” Thank you for this lovely comment Vinita Chopra. It’s such a small space out there and sometimes such a small window to make sure that you are appreciated for what you… Continue reading


Dog Socialisation is the buzz word currently.  Pet carnivals,  pet fairs, brunches with and for pets are coming up in a big way.  It’s a great way for people to move out with… Continue reading

Today is what they feel

With every passing child coming in and walking out of our campus over the last few years, either for the Fun Venture or Socialisation sessions or a Play Therapy session we have done… Continue reading

Wags n Words

A memory of his big grin, that habit of hers that makes you laugh out loud every time. That life-long bond, the wordless, unconditional love shared with furry friends, here and gone.  Greetings… Continue reading

Summer events @PetSitters

We are happy to announce two very innovative and exciting ONGOING events at PetSitters starting tomorrow till 1st week June, 2016 Paint-a-thon An open forum for all those wish to hold a paint… Continue reading

Au Naturel Lipo

It was August. It was 5:00 PM. In Tallahassee Florida, in mid 90 degree heat, driving down a major thoroughfare, I almost lost track of my steering due to a fine sight on… Continue reading


Over the last couple of years since I started PetSitters, we have had a lot of people come over and help us in some way or the other. Some called them selves volunteers… Continue reading

PetSitters??? As in babysitters???

Yes!!! PetSitters as in babysitters!!!! So do you keep all pets at PetSitters? No, right now it’s just dogs, but then we do get enquiries for petsitting cats, hamsters and even guinea pigs.… Continue reading