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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

Summers, although a fun and leisure-filled season, can get a little annoying for both humans and canines. The heat leaves us all with a dip in energy levels and craving for the cool.… Continue reading

5 Toys to Aid Cognitive Development in Dogs

Toys are not only an entertainment source for your dog but also help with his/her mental stimulation. They are fun, interactive, tire your dog out and work with both – toy and treat… Continue reading

Training Partners

TRAINING PARTNERS My dogs are my training partners. There are some days when they work with me back to back in behavior modification sessions for other dogs and some days its just play… Continue reading

Cage Free. Cruelty Free.

Cage free. Cruelty free. Those seem to be the buzzwords for pet sitting requirements. My question to you is, why does a kennel system, where there are allocated rooms/ kennels (not cages) for… Continue reading

In simple words,PetSitters started with her ❤️

It’s taken me so time to get a hold on this, but here it goes.Whiskey was my 1st dog at the kennel. 14Mar2008 this girl was picked up from her residence. If you… Continue reading

Keeping Fit – The PetSitters Way

Time and again, it has been proven that a tired dog is calmer, better behaved, more focus and healthier. Every dog breed has an inherent need to perform a certain task. Beagles were… Continue reading

Mind Stimulation

The energy levels of dogs are often unparalleled. This calls for mental as opposed to physical exhaustion and the name of the game is “Set the Brain to Work”. This is what we… Continue reading

Dogs & Kids- The PetSitters Way

It all starts with a simple question, “Mom, Dad, can we get a dog?”. And the standard reply —  “We’ll think about it”. This is a scenario that is enacted in almost every… Continue reading

What more does a child want, but a dog

A child and a dog- a bond of love and respect

Quality Time-and now that we have plenty of it

…and now that we have plenty of it, what are we doing with it? The first few days went by as an unexpected holiday. The next few days, it sunk into us that… Continue reading