Training Partners


My dogs are my training partners. There are some days when they work with me back to back in behavior modification sessions for other dogs and some days its just play dates.

Just like any team working requirement, me and my dogs need to be in sync with each other while working together. Our body language, our eye contacts, our communication (verbal and non verbal), our tones and moods all need to be tune. They need to focused on me and me on them.

As a result, such working environments also consume a lot of our energy. A session of working along side a reactive dog tires us out.

As I write about focus, what comes to my mind is our physical and mental capacity. To be in top order, i have to have a calm state of mind and my dog also needs to have a calm state of mind.

Physical exercise, creating bonds thru spending good, quality time, touch therapy, some play,some fun some training time, all need be thrown in good measure which makes it a recipe for success for me and my team.

Teamwork happens everyday. Some days I just groom them, some days I sit and converse and everyday i train them, and some days its just play and fun. Every opportunity of time we get together is what helps us work together as a team.


Hill side fetch rounds with Dom and Tipri at PetSitters campus