Lockdown Life – Bird Brain Conversations

Every year, we have this pair of birds who make a nest in our home, right above the dining table. A mental note we all make to ourselves is that we need to keep the window open in the night as thier feeding ritual begins real early in the morning especially after the bacchas arrive. When it’s a egg phase, the husband and wife do patiently wait for the window to open, but in the baccha phase, the couple is a warrior couple – we have had the same father swoon so low on us, that it’s scary.

Anways, cutting to this instance which had been videographed. Post lunch, around 130, me and my MIL saw husband bird sitting here with a worm in his mouth. A lot of time went by and he didn’t move to the nest. Waited and waited and waited. We, infact, even joked that he must be the Paresh Rawal of Andaaz Apna Apna जिसके खाने का अभी time नहीं हुआ.
And then flies in the mother and suddenly all happy, all chirpy and the mother first went to the nest. She fed them, she flew out and then went the father. And life continues..

Everyday, I sit, post lunch, now just to watch them. Makes me wonder who teaches them? How was this to happen naturally. How was the order set and by whom?

It’s fascinating when you try and copy such scenarios for humans. Defined roles, defined times, defined schedules.

I wonder what the birds chirped about when the wife flew in. My mind first put in a dialogue like this,

Husband – Where were you?
Wife – Got stuck. Just couldn’t find the right worm.
Husband – I told you to go looking at xyz, instead you and your brain had to looking at abc.

And then something stopped me from that thought, maybe all the Husband said to her was, “hey, kids have been hungry, wanted them to see you first, you go in”.