Long Term Stays coupled with family visits

A long stay guest and the family comes visiting.

Long term guests- pets who stay with us for more than a month is regular feature at PetSitters.  Trial stays, medical checks and all the paper work happens and the the pet comes to stay with us for a longer duration.

Then every once in a while, we have a request from the family that they or their friends would like to visit their pet dog.

The 1st family visit to meet a long stay pet is always a gamble for us, especially when the pet is also staying with us for the 1st time.

A delicate situation, as the family is not going to take the pet back, and for us at the Kennel it could mean two things-
1. Dog settles back into the routine with no hassles
2. Dog deals with a varying degrees of separation anxiety and it requires a certain amount of additional effort to get the pet back into routine.

In case of the pet going with option 1 – best ever and all parties involved (dog, family and us) are happy.

In case of pet choosing option 2 the stress of  ‘I am not going back home with them’ can be at multiple levels Excessive barking, not eating food, physical stressors like rash, constipation, self mutilation. Each have to be dealt with a certain amount of sensitivity. It also forms as a marker on whether we want the family to do one more visit and with what frequency.

To avoid the the pet going thru Option 2, here is what we suggest-

  • Plan your long stay well in advance
  • Plan to get your pet to the kennel more frequently by doing just plain visits and with a good frequency. More visits increase your pets familiarity with the place and people and it then becomes an extension of home. 

In case you are looking at any help in understanding how our system works, please call/mail us and we would be happy to help you ease the process.