Monsoons and Dogs Part I

This season, you might be planning weekend getaways and reading a book in the gallery with pakoras by your side but, it might not be that great a time for your fur baby. For juniors not well acquainted with rains, the season can be nerve-wracking humidity, being wet, thunder and lightning added to the change in routine. But that shouldn’t be something to worry about and neither should it hold both of you back from having fun this season. Here are a few ways to get your furry friend to enjoy what envelopes human and canine kind during the season, let alone tolerate it:

Befriending Showers: Apart from getting a bath a couple of time a month or going for a swim, pet dogs hardly ever get wet. So, getting your dog habituated with being rain-wet is vital. Using a garden hose or sprinklers can mimic the feeling, makes it enjoyable for the dog and eases going out for doggie-business.
Damp grass : Some dogs hate walking on wet grass. Finding a dry patch in the monsoons is sometimes difficult. Get a games out and enjoy some training sessions on grassy patches. If the grass is dry, make it slightly moist so your dog begins linking wet grass with fun/training/high value treats. Thus get desensitized to wet grass.
Stimulating the urge to go poo-poo: If your bud is having trouble relieving himself in the rain, do a bit of quick runs in the parking lot enough to stimulate and exercise your pet. Yes, it requires a lot of patience, especially if it’s your dog’s first monsoon. It may even take up half an hour and be tough at first, but he’ll get used to it and the process becomes faster eventually.
Delay going out for the business: Say instead of 9 PM, go at 9:30 PM. Even though your canine may be upset because of the rain at first, the urge is so much that he can easily ignore the rain and wind up quickly. This works great with puppies.
Pet Accessories: Dog raincoats and boots are available in the markets today and can help you maintain your dog better.
Make home homely: Nothing works as good as the company of your dog’s favourite hooman – you. Be with him in scary times like the thunder and comfort him with a soothing tone of voice. He may follow you around the house, but only because he finds comfort in your company.
If you’re lucky and your dog loves water and rains (as do many), put on those doggie wet boots and let him the much-needed fun in the water after a super-hot summer.