Cosmo paw litan

Meet our team of therapy dogs at the Cosmopawlitan Fest, Pune.Wag-A-Bond Charitable Trust’s first edition of The Cosmopawlitan Fest is a fundraiser that celebrates animal-hood 🐱🐶🐾♥ This fundraiser showcases merchandise, accessories, food, games, activities, and music to celebrate and network with animals and humans!
The evening of 13th & 14th April will be an eclectic mix of music, laughter and wagging tails! There’s something for everyone! *Raffle ticket with a lucky draw to win prizes
* Games to win vouchers * Cakes for Pup’s Sake
* Picture PAWfect
*De-Stress with hugs and wags
* Pet Pooja
* Sniff It Up
* Santa Paws
* Show your sWAG
* Pup Pen
* Snack on my SnootJOIN US WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS ❤️🐾 For any queries please contact 8411815079/9822900859