To the one who…..

To the one who

…. changed perceptions for me.

…. taught me that a dog is not to be defined as a breed but has got to be defined by how you raise him.

…… adopted me inspite of me being so vary of him initially.

…….. taught me to mark my boundaries with him and respect his with mine.

……. showed me at every instance that he was my father’s dog first and not mine but he was OK to tolerate me.

…. showed me that big dogs can be petrified of puppies.

…… amazed me, every single day with his ability to adjust and understand and reciprocate

…. told me that its OK to not like some personality types and make anger look like a style statement

….gave me a reason to have more that one rottweiler in my life especially since I didn’t want a single one to begin with.

May you have all those toys that you want in the fields that you run thru. May you get along with all the dogs that I kept away from you. May you just growl at your hearts content without anyone tell you to stop.