My pride! Ours too!

“Ours too”
Thank you for this lovely comment Vinita Chopra.

It’s such a small space out there and sometimes such a small window to make sure that you are appreciated for what you do, the work one puts in. The effort and the hard work to make everything seem like a breeze and smile all the way thru it.

PetSitters is my life, my best motivator and sometimes my fight for time. Its a lot of sweat and effort later that it becomes easy to sit down with a coffee with no work in the background.

Yes, I do what I love, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coupled with stress. Schedules , illnesses, staff issues, payments, service providers all come with thier own agenda sometimes…

And then a small two word comment like this on a photo I out up which said #mypride makes it all worthwhile