So,to sum it all up, it was just another year. Another 365 days. But that one day before this 365 days is what sticks to me. The best day of my life..but the longest night ever. Those three hours taught me that nothing is forever.

And by that I mean, materialistic and non materialistic. So how do the make the most of what you have, in the time you have it and also not behave cold towards it knowing that it may end abruptly.

And maybe that’s called Living. Just as I know that death is going to consume me at some point, I can’t not stop breathing. Being grateful, being thankful, being at peace with the moment. And today, something within me was at peace with myself. Knowing I tried. Knowing I gave it my best. Knowing that the loss was meant to be. Did I cry? Yes I did. But I cried not over the loss. But over a situation which will now always just be a memory, because it can never repeat itself.

I didn’t want to be alone today. Maybe I was scared. So I went out with friends and socialised. And that’s when it struck me, that I went ahead and did exactly what he did. He too socialised in the worst of his moods and in the best of his behaviors and in times when he was most tired. And so it was a happy day.

Yes, a tear does well up with every memory facebook throws at me. And a tear does run down my cheek when I see the small sprig in my porch. My heart skips a beat every time I see Dom lick Elsa’s ear. But then that’s how he lives with us today, in the smallest of things and in the most mundane activities of a day.