Ladakh Diaries

Little did I know that a place would call me twice in a year. A place which I had only heard of, the land of the desert,the land of the passes, the blue you never see elsewhere and the stars I knew knew existed. The sheer excitement of riding up the highest motorable road to the beauty of walking thru the valleys with the river. The sun who I didnt like in my 1st visit to the sun I waited for in my second meet. Cold water that I gulped down, to the warm water that I craved for. The innumerable cheese cubes I ate in both my trips to the small bits of chocolate that I would savour till the last bit. The snow walls I rode past to the ice slabs I walked on. The fear of falling off my bike to the thought that I would slip on ice.

The spirit which carried me there and the mentors who made it happen for me. To the one who was whistling with me as he rode at 14000+ feet and the one who joyfully sang along with me as he slid on ice.

The market flirted with me. The coffee shops lured me. The smiles captured me. Your hospitality amazed me and the cake shops convinced me that one slice does no harm.

Ladakh, you were a calling. I was meant to meet you and I was lucky to be in your company twice over in such a short span of time. Your kind of blue is the one that I crave that my life should be like.. the Ladakh Blue- clear, sparkling, unhindered.

I will be back. Soon, real soon.