Premium Price 

​The medical facility was in a small space.  They grew big and moved to a swanky new building.  Parking lot,  big reception, AC enclosures,  cabins for all the administrative and medical staff. Fees structure went up,  understandably so.  My 5th year in a row that I am accompanying a family member for this test.  3 years at the old facility and now my 2nd year at the new facility.  What has changed is the attitude.  You have a parking space, but you get parking inside only if you have paid premium fee.  You get served water and coffee and tea every 30 mins,  but only if you have paid the premium fee.  You get to seat in the swanky reception hall and sofa only if you have paid the premium fee.  You will get your report the same evening,  else tomorrow,  if you have paid the premium fee.  

The reception currently stands empty with just me and another relative sitting here,  coz we can afford the premium price.  The rest,  sit in the parking lot where a waiting space has been made.  Parking lot stands empty,  obviously,  because only 2 people who can afford the premium price can park their cars inside.  The rest inconvenience the people in the area by parking on the road.  Ohhhhh and by the way,  because I am a premium price “client” ,  my relative,  who is here for the test,  also gets bumped up in the wait list.  She gets to go first.  

My question,  or rather the reason of my disturbance lies in the fact that I am in a medical facility.  A medical facility which is a specialised field.  It’s not a common test and therefore its expensive.  Today,  I sit comfortable as it’s a follow up test for my relative.  But I know what it means to wait for a report.  5 years back,  as me and my family have waited for the report, counting every minute, to understand whether we were on safe grounds or no. Today,  the wait doesn’t stress me out,  as I said,  it’s a follow up visit.  But my heart cringes at the fact that,  the ones who are waiting cannot probably afford the premium price.  The ones who need the tea and coffee coz they haven’t slept all night in worry,  don’t get offered anything a they haven’t paid the premium price.  

In a way,  I was happy with the old space, it’s kinda old and it’s kinda traditional.  You have an appointment-you arrrive-youbwait wait for your number- you give your test-you get a checkup done- you wait for your report.  Simple.  Everyone is in the same boat.