Canine Assisted Reading programs – An overview


The Pet Project

Today, I happened to be looking for some material on children’s literature as that’s one thing that really fascinates and intrigues me. A couple of modified Google searches later, I was reading up about Animal Assisted Reading programs and their rising popularity in many many literate cultures.

Having been a volunteer for a canine assisted reading program and having conducted sessions for it, I am familiar to what it is and I know for myself that it indeed does wonders for reluctant or apprehensive readers. Who wouldn’t want a furry, non judgemental and non critical companion to read out to rather than someone who highlights each mistake you make? And that too while doing a task that intimidates and scares you to a large extent!

While going through the articles and websites that popped up in the search, this article really caught my eye. Though a slightly longish read, it’s…

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