The Woof Talks – Coffee’s big day!

My baby Coffee, super proud of her…

The Pet Project

She woke up earlier than usual today. I didn’t have to paw her, lick her nose or coax her with my wake up special hubbub which she describes to her friends very jokingly as funny, weird meows! Anyhow, so she was up, she looked at me with this weird “Awwwww” look that she gives me oh so often and she suddenly she was in a hurry to get ready! My human, I tell you!

Before I knew it, she was dressed and I know where we go when she wears that pair of jeans! We go to work! My favourite place on earth! So I dusted myself off and I was ready to leave – in seconds! Before we left, she took a deep breath, looked at me and said “It’s a big day for us Coffee! Be good and do well!”. I didn’t understand what she was referring to!…

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