Fun for Fido or Not- Article reposted from Patricia McConnell’s blog

request each and every one of you to read this article. Its about Dog Day care and Boarding facilities by #Patricia #McConnell a very renowned name in the field of dog behaviour.

As a kennel owner, my biggest challenge, sometimes, is a pet owner. The pet actually comes in without any prejudice, its the owner stress that needs to be managed, and rightfully so.

A lot of you have even heard me say, don’t worry about the pet, its you(owner) who needs to deal with the seperation anxiety. But having said that, i also do understand, that every pet may not love the kennel environment. As the author has rightly pointed out, some are extroverts and some are introverts. Understanding the personality type is half the problem solved.

And as responsible kennel owner, and a constant learner of behaviour thru experience, I hope I meet the expectations of you and your pets continually.