Anuja’s recount


My first visit to PetSitters was a part of the research work I had to carry out for my college on innovative entrepreneurs and their ventures. Little did I know at that time that PetSitters would become such an integral part of my life in the coming days.

In my first visit itself, the pets amazed me and I was floored by the warmth and affection of all the dogs on-board,  that I immediately asked Shalaka if I could volunteer there .From then I have been visiting PetSitters whenever I had a day off at college. Spending time with Mili, Stephie, Sasha, Chiquita, Thakki and many more, not only made me overcome my fear of being around and interacting with dogs but also cheered me up whenever I had a bad day. The place is always bustling with energy where all the dogs are excited to go for their evening walks, or play and grooming time. One of the best time in PetSitters will be a hot sunny afternoon when we are weary of the scorching heat but the dogs are woofing with excitement to enjoy their hour long swimming session at the pool. The best part about the place is that the dogs at PetSitters love human companionship and in turn make your day with their smiling faces and wagging tail all ready to greet you and dote on you. I have had a delightful experience at this place and look forward to every visit.

Feel free for some unconditional love that you can only get from our wonderful four legged friends!




Note from PetSitters-

Thank you Anuja for you love and time from all the doggies, especially Milli and Thaki :)