Of Crates and Cruelty


I have been looking for a lovely post (like a personal experience of sorts) from parents who have Crate Trained their pets. Shalini, our blog associate and a fellow blog writer, wrote exactly that.. so sharing it with all.

Some dog, some human.


I read this post on mymegadog and realized I promised a crate training post a while ago on our Facebook Page and then committed the thought to my cranial RAM, and then erased it since I’m usually functioning so much in “self-destruct” mode because of all the things I bite off on and can’t chew.


Hold on while I inhale.


Crate training turned out to be such a non-issue with the K-Man, that I don’t see how I could write a whole post around how I did it. But having seen the post on mymegadog and actually having had  similar feelings myself, as a brand new pet parent (3 years ago), I figured I could blabber about how it is not cruel, and how we as humans tend to project our emotions on our dogs.

Of Crating and Cruelty is one of these. Humans do not like…

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