Sultan wishes all a (tad bit late) Happy New Year!!

Sultan, what can I say about him. He for me is the epitome of “calm”. Not a word here, not a word there, silently soaks in the attention, and subtly asks for more. He is the “jaan” of our entire team @ PetSitters and most girls (read female dogs) like him, coz he listens to them. I mean, you can’t get a better gentleman than him can you? Here he is chronicling his life. He has been thru a tough phase recently and has come out of it unscathed. Resilient, patient and a lovely comic’s my Sulty Boy!!


“Happy New Year to everyone. Well, I do know we are almost done with the 1st month, but then you know, I do have my reasons of writing in a little late. I sincerely hope the year started well for you all! Its been tough for me and my parents though… Just when I was dreaming about my Christmas treats with my grandparents in Delhi, my mom found a lump on the back of my neck. Actually it was troubling me for a while but since I have lots of fur to cuddle up around my neck, I didn’t bother telling her until it became offensive looking. As advised by my guardian angel Shalaka, she took me to the best Vet in town  Dr. Hatekar. He tried his best to cure it with strong  antibiotics and other medicines but to everyone’s surprise nothing made it better… That’s when my Doc advised my dad to take me into surgery immediately.

It was a tough decision as mom had booked flights for us to be in Delhi for Christmas but my parents finally decided that it’ll be best for me to be treated under the care of Dr. Hatekar. I was nervous initially but Shalaka’s cousin from America(a beautiful doctor) wheeled me in the OT and I was relaxed seeing her by my side. My mom had to go to Delhi while my Dad kept on saying ‘strong boy’ to me :)

To regain strength , one must sleep it thru

To regain strength , one must sleep it thru

Coming back home after the operation was weird as I felt like a zombie… Though I don’t remember but dad told me that I refused to take help to walk from the car to our apartment. I fell couple of times, banged my head against the elevator door and sprawled inside it too. How could I take help when I had to prove to my dad that I was indeed a ‘strong boy’. Dad took good post operative care of me until mom came back. First thing he did was sacrifice an Adidas tee to cover my wound. I’m not supposed to say this but it can’t be categorized as a real sacrifice as it was mom’s tee :-). Daddy made sure I got all the medicines on time and even though I’m a difficult night companion (I make weird sounds while sleeping) he made me sleep in his room under his supervision. Mom kept checking on me even though she was away on work, which obviously made me feel special.

That's my mom's tee

That’s my mom’s tee

Slowly, I regained my strength by eating yummy food and going on long walks with ‘Bhandari’ – my walker. Now what can I say about Bhandari. He is probably carrying a load of 300 KG on himself and walks like a duck. He shares his philosophy with me and though I can’t comment I patiently listen.

From what seems to have happened to me, I was told that I am going to keep getting follow up treatment every couple of weeks. So as soon as I am back on my feet and fighting the disease, I will have to be given a couple of more shots, a few tests here and there, you know, preventive treatment and all that. So I am going to be on and off. But dont write me off just yet, I’ll be bac!!

Now that 2014 has begun at a healthy – jittery note, I hope I feel better by the day…Will keep you posted, adios!”