A happy bye bye to 2013..

In the entire deluge of Happy New Year messages that I have received since yesterday, there was one which bid a teary eyed farewell to the year gone by.
That got me thinking, and for me, I am happy this year is over. Not that one night changes much for anyone on this planet, but there must be some truth in new years and new beginnings.

2012 and 2013, was a medical year for me. And believe you me, playing a head nurse is no fun. What started in 2012 didn’t end in 2013 and I am hoping it doesn’t go beyond Q1 in 2014.

My biggest loss was my pet Bruno, who we lost sometime back. He left a void not just for his human family, but also Shadow, my other pet who shared his life with him for 12 good years. For the first time, I saw canine depression so closely and it troubled me. We did get another pet home and he is a doll. He does get called out as Bruno at random times, but I guess he doesn’t mind that, coz he gets a bigger treat everytime, I do that.

So to end a 2013 for me, all I wish for is happy health to everyone. Respect it like you respect nothing else…

Wish you all good health for 2014!

Cheers from all at PetSitters!