SULTANATE – A Sultans Life

That's me!!

That’s me!!

Hey!! A couple of weeks back, PetSitters invited volunteers to write for our blog. We had some lovely people show eagerness in writing and we are working on a couple of topics. But one such entry landed in my mailbox yesterday, and it was none other than-Sultan, a lovely lovely Labrador guest who comes and stays with us every now and then. He (typically) must have heard Divya (his human parent) and me speak about the blog and I was coaxing Divya to pen down a couple of words. Well, he took on the cue, and here is what he wrote-

“I hear people often say that the name influences an individual’s personality, and if this were to be true in the paws world too, then I truly am a royal king. I’m a roadie and love long distance travel baring aside my favourite pastime of sleeping & eating. Belonging to the retriever clan, I do have the ideal traits but seldom use them coz of my life’s hectic schedule ;-)

I belong to a fast paced family and change of location, handlers & weather doesn’t shock me anymore. Born in a Punjabi family, I’m now settled in Maharashtra so you can imagine the ease with which I attempt to respond to commands in different languages (Not that I care & do what I want to!) Life is good, but is even better when I get my freedom of choice at Pet sitters.

Going to PetSitters is like Miami beach for me, where I get to bird watch all the beauties and chose my friends. Sun bathing gives me an opportunity to tan and stare at whom-so-ever I want. Since I’m a virgin boy, I’m kinda excited to see any long eared lass walking my way… From a Beagle to a Dane!!!

Like my Human parent, I’m a social being too! Just love being around people and am eager to play with whoever comes my way… Here are a few lines straight from my heart:-

Hip hop tune pls…

Life is like a rainbow, with lots of colours to show,

At PetSitters the feeling is amazing, as it always makes me glow;

Lots of breeze & games to play, I have a hearty run,

Bunker tricks and sniffing wiffs, its so much unlimited fun!

Shalaka’s cuddle & rain puddles bring a twinkle in my eye

Makes me feel like a royal king with traits of a wandering rye!

Wish I could tweet all my thoughts and jiggle with a wiggle,

But for now I’m ready to sleep & look forward to the morning squiggle!!