Adoption for the pure bred

Adoption camp- this terminology pretty much was reserved to the mix breed variety till very recent. The cute little lovely eyes, doe eyes ones would all be put in one huge room and families would come and take their pick. The adoption agencies did everything under the sky, to make sure these pets don’t come back on the streets .. and so some puppies and kittens got their “happily ever after” home.

And then suddenly, a lot changed. Every day, i started getting a post or two maybe on Pedigree dogs up for adoptions. This  went up to a call a day, an email a day and at the end of the day, one knew of 5 pedigree dogs who were up for adoption. 

Their reason- My family is moving to another city/country and i cannot move with my pet. My thought- Why NOT?

Their reason- I am moving in with my old parents, they don’t like pets. My thought- I understand, both are dependent on you. But its not fair on one to be abandoned.

Their reason- I can’t handle him anymore. My thought- I am blank, I don’t know what to say to such people.

Their reason- We just had a child. My thought- So? It is like LIFO- Last In First Out?

and the reasons just go on and on.

My basic question to all the above is, Didn’t you give a thought, that when you decided to buy this puppy and get him into your life, you were making a commitment?  And is it that easy to leave this soul behind? I do understand and agree and sympathise with some adoption cases, where finding a new home for a pet is the only option and also a better option. But most cases sadly, are not like this.

Over these last couple of days, there is this one incidence which keeps coming back to me. I was at my vet’s clinic with my 7 year old Rottie. Poor fellow had a bad stomach and had to be on IV for 2 days. So one evening, at the clinic, I was waiting while his treatment was on, and this lovely lady walks in with a 3 month old rottie in her arms. Again, some stomach issue and the pup was put on IV and on the table next to mine. Once settled into the treatment, this lady kept looking at me, my doggie and then her pet. And very quickly she struck a conversation with me,

Lady, “yeh aapka kutta hain?” (Is this your dog?)

Me, (proudly),”ji haan”. (Yes, maam)

Lady, pointing at her puppy and my 7 year old, “Mera wala bhi itna bada hoga?” (Will my pup also grow that big?)

Me, (stunned), “ji haan” (YES!!!)

and she was quiet. And I was like, does she not know that she has got home a Rottweiler. Has she or her family even did a little bit of reading on what it means to have a LARGE pet. After which, a question came to my mind- Why will this dog not be up for adoption 6 months later?  This family has no idea how big their sweet little black and tan fur ball is going to be in exactly 3 months.

  • Research about the breed that you are looking at getting home
  • Spend some time with a families who have the breed , that you want. They will provide you great insights on the smaller issues which the breeder may not even mention
  • Understand why are you getting a pet home
  • Think about the expenses- food, vet care, training
  • Read up on the medical issues specific to the breed
  • ..and lastly, think of the commitment that you are making to someone who is going to solely depend on humans

All this and much more will probably help us be better pet owners and work ourselves on being RESPONSIBLE!