Breaking a stereotype!!

Had a wonderful morning today. We had a bunch of school kids visit PetSitters today. They had a unit on “Work Places”. Most kids have a very specific idea on what a work place is like- tables, cubicles, computers, people in clean clothes etc etc. So the school decided to take them to a work place which doesn’t fit into this concept. A place where playing with dogs is work and feeding them, taking them for walks is a part of the routine. So there are different kinds of schedules to be followed which specified which pet has to be given what meal at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Where there are containers filled with biscuits and chewsticks and that forms the most important part of the work place. The best question asked was- So what tools do you use in your office? My answer was – leashes, food bowls, treats, play balls, toys- which obviously had them in splits. 

The 2 hours with them just went by like 2 minutes with the kids wanting more and not wanting to go back to school. :) 

A big thank you to the school for allowing the kids to think beyond what is already known!!

I just realised that its so easy to fall into a stereotype notion of what is around us and as we grow up, our experiences teach us something new and our mind opens up to soak it all in. The younger minds have this exposure today that most of us didn’t as we were growing up and my parents said the same thing when we were growing up.