Looking for a home


Who can take this little sweety into his home, it’s a loving and very social little fellow,

does it’s pipi outside and sleeps like a baby at night, no crying.

It needs a mummy:loving kids or other dog companion it likes to play.

It has a nice light color (labrador colour)and it makes sounds when you cuttle it. Really sweet. It was found at our doorstep, as we are leaving the country by the end of the year, we want to give him a better change by being adopted as a puppy.

We don’t wanna put it back on the street. We need to find hil a home soon.

Last option It will go to Lila Parulekar (dog centre). We can keep it max 5more days.

if you know anybody who might be interested? Please contact me when you want more photos and seriously interested:

Shalaka, PetSitters, 9881076677


Karine, chefcollette@hotmail.com