A letter…..

Summers are here and we are all gearing ourselves for a long three month period of rising temperatures, kids holidays, holiday bookings for you and your pet and various ways to cool yourself off in the summers. Here is a small letter that your pet has written to all of you as soon as he started feeling the summer heat.


I know we could have had this as a one on one, but I thought of writing just to make sure I am well heard. As I write, here you are, in front of me with an ice cool drink in your hand as you just come from running errands and I am sure you must be exhausted. I keep hearing you say that Summers have arrived, and believe me, even I can feel it. So while everyone is putting down their list of things to do for summer holidays, here is mine,

* I don’t want to exercise between 11:00 and 5:00 PM. Its just too hot and its exhausting. So please, just lets just all sleep .

* A nice cool area where I can just nap and not trouble you at all. I’m ready to give up the sofa, its just too hot, but then I would prefer the fan being switched on for most part of the afternoon.

* Two (or maybe three) water bowls around the place. I promise I will try and not spill them over and sit in the water pool. Maybe you could fill one with ice so the water remains cooler for longer hours and I wont have to come disturb you for water while you are lazing around

* Ice-cream– You forget your “oh-so-healthy” diet and have it .. So why cant I?? Nothing fancy, just some plain vanilla works for me. And believe me, it goes a long way.

* A week back, I heard you say you were going swimming. Me too!!! Try me out.. I might not do a perfect stroke but you know, we are meant to be natural swimmers. So, just book a Sunday slot for me as well.

* You remember last summers, I went crazy itching and biting & you spent loads of money getting the ticks off me with some zillion treatments and injections. Well I was talking to Rocky next door and his parents have taken him to the Vet for just one treatment and he now says, he wont get ticks and fleas. You know, I would never tell you to take me to the vet, but this one time, considering I had a harrowing experience last year, I am allowing you to take me to him for that one treatment for those god-forsaken ticks. And for a couple of icecream scoops, I promise you I will be well behaved at the vet’s clinic, and make sure others over there compliment you on your training skills.

* Cold chicken soup… yummy.. I just love it… Just the right snack for my 1:00 PM meal. Ok, so I know you don’t eat meat on Thursday and Saturday’s… so I am ready to have cold butter milk also.

* Lastly, few days back, I heard you discussing a holiday at dinner. I pretended to be asleep, but I wasn’t coz I even heard you say “Don’t say HOLIDAY loud, coz Shadow understands the word”. Hmmm… Well, plan all you want, just make sure you book me at a my favourite resort and do that NOW, coz getting a place later gets difficult and I don’t wanna stay at some friend’s or relative’s place, its very boring. Let me also go sniffing, playing , running wild in fresh air, swimming and I’ll make some new friends. And maybe I’ll meet some nice girl there, and when you get back, you can check with her parents.. You know.. Babies and stuff. You are the one who keeps saying, we need to get Shadow mated…

So, that’s its for now… if I remember anything, just keep looking for “paw-st-its”.

Licks always,