Quality time.. pets also want it!!!

Quality time-Even pets want it!!

“Quality time” is the buzzword.. be it friends, family and now even pets need it.  Pets depend upon us for companionship and togetherness. In our everyday hectic schedule, very rarely take time out for them other than the feeding and the walks.  How many times do you find your dog expectantly looking at you for attention and you just run a hand over his head and say “later”? And does that “later” ever happen in that day? Here are some quick activities for you and your pets

  • Take him for a walk and try and not talk on the mobile when you are doing that. Talk to him instead. Make him feel that you are out with him.
  • You would love a massage, wont you? So will your pooch. Brush him, massage him while watching your TV serial. Dogs love pampering as much as we do.
  • Go for a quick drive in the car round the block. Let him understand that a car ride need not necessarily mean a trip to the vet
  • Rough him up. Play tug of war with a cloth toy, wrestle with him. He’ll love it and he’ll make sure you’ll love it too
  • Skip your gym for a day and take your pet up for a nice morning walk on the hill close to you.
  • Run around your garden, house or just the staircase and see your dog running behind you to catch you. When he does catch you, reward him sufficiently.

I am sure, you’ll have a happier pet around you!!