Have a safe Diwali!!

Come Diwali and you have your dog scurrying under the bed, refusing to come for a walk or at times rushing  to catch burning crackers. Diwali is a very sensitive time for dogs. Here are a few tips on how to handle your furry companions.

  1. Try and distract your dog when the crackers are in full swing. White noise like a running fan, radio in the background works with some pets.
  2. Give him his own comfortable space like a closed room with his favorite toys and some treats which would keep him busy. At times, sitting with someone from the family could also make him feel secure.
  3. Make sure he has had his meals before the crackers start. If possible finish his walk also well before cracker time. Get him used to his new schedule at least a week in advance in order to help him settle well.

Do Not

  • Take your dog out for a walk without a leash. Chances that he might run into crackers or run away.
  • Give your dog mithai/sweets/chocolates to eat. Its not good for them.
  • Burn crackers in from of them


Dog Burns: Burns could happen because of the dog trying to catch a cracker in its mouth or a dog running towards a cracker in excitement. Clean the burn with Betadine solution or Hexigel (if wound is on the tongue). Keep the wound open so that it airs out. A mild antiseptic like Burnol could also be applied. Make sure your dog is hydrated well.

Poisoning: Make sure your dog does not lick any cracker the next morning when you take him out for a walk. The immediate signs of poisoning are excessive salivation or vomiting. Make sure your dogs drinks a lot of water and rush him to a vet.


Calming your dogs

It is very necessary to keep your dog calm during Diwali. A few medicinal remedies available in the market can help your dog cope with the stress.

Homeopathy- Ignatia, Phosphorous, Borax– Help in calming the dog and lessens noise sensitivity. Start at least 1 week before Diwali. Normal dosage: 30c potency; 4 drops – 4 times a day

Ayurvedic- Anxocare syrup or tablets– It’s a Himalaya product. Dosage- twice a day

Antibiotics- Mild sedative tablets or injectibles may be required in very severe stress in dogs. Most doctors do not recommend this solution over a week’s duration.


News Flash

A city-based Vet Dr. Pradnya Dhokrikar in association with Dr. Karkare, Homeopathy has come up with a solution that will help your pooch cope with the noise of firecrackers.. And its not a sedative. The medicine makes dogs less sensitive to noise and keep them from getting startled. In short, dogs can enjoy Diwali with the rest of the family with proper administration. The medicine is available at her clinics in Pune. Conatct Dr. Pradnya Dhokrikar on 020 26138774. Click here for more details.

Enjoy the festive season!!