Monthly Archive: October, 2010

Have a safe Diwali!!

Come Diwali and you have your dog scurrying under the bed, refusing to come for a walk or at times rushing  to catch burning crackers. Diwali is a very sensitive time for dogs.… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part II)

Part II in the series of understanding illnesses. This covers: Dehydration and Bladder Problems Drooling Diarrhea Epilepsy D Dehydration and Bladder problems: Just like people, our pets require more drinking water than we… Continue reading

Understanding Illnesses (Part I)

Tick fever, Bloat, Flatulence, Maggot infection, Allergic Dermatitis, Puriritus.. Are these words familiar to you? I’m sure you have heard atleast one of these during your visit to the vet. Some words are… Continue reading