Tanuja’s story

Tanuja & Sante

A few months back I was so scared of dog’s, and scared means not only scared, but scared stiff. Sometimes I used to even cry but now I love dogs and I want say that I didn’t like dogs earlier it was just that I was scared that they might bite. But now I keep telling my friends who are scared or not fond of dogs that dogs don’t bite especially a trained dog, a pet dog that is looked after in a house. I have a female dog named Sante the meaning of the name in French is good health. It is said that boxers are loyal and friendly dogs. Pets are just like us human beings just as we say that books can be your best friend when you have nothing to do I will now say that having a pet in the house acts like a friend and they are also a safety measure. I don’t say that everyone in this world has to have a dog or some kind of pet no not at all because having a dog in the house or for that matter any kind of pet brings up a lot of additional responsibility having a dog or any kind of pet means you have to treat them well, take care of them cause after all they are like any other human being. While pets act as a safety measure there are disadvantages too of having pets they are not allowed every where this means that 1 person of the family has to stay with the pet otherwise you have to leave your pets in a day care centre where they take care of pets or at pet sitters. And even having a pet in a flat is inconvenient for the owner as well as them because in a flat enough space is not there for a pet to play around. Whereas if you have a bungalow it is very convenient as there is lot of open space for pets to play around and playing around is what is necessary for them as they remain healthy and also have much more energy than human beings. At the end I would like to say that there is no harm in having a dog or any other pet but just think of all the above points before you take one or feel like taking one.


The author is Tanuja Bedarkar, a bubbly 19 year old girl who has never owned pets in her life out of sheer fear of them. She has finished her schooling from Symbiosis and then Vidya Jyoti Special School, Pune. After a course in Radio Jockeying, she now helps out at Nirmalya Trust-an organisation who works with the physically disabled. If you identify yourself with her story, get in touch with her and overcome your fear of the canine friends. She is available on tbederkar@gmail.com