PetSitters??? As in babysitters???

Yes!!! PetSitters as in babysitters!!!!

So do you keep all pets at PetSitters? No, right now it’s just dogs, but then we do get enquiries for petsitting cats, hamsters and even guinea pigs. In fact, the guinea pig owners were happy with our setup, but they weren’t very sure how the guinea pigs would deal with barking dogs.

Shadow & Bruno

The next question is, what do you do otherwise?? And my proud response is “Nothing”!! In reality, these doggies- my guests, take up all my time. My time is spent bathing, grooming, and playing fetch with doggies. And what could be more rewarding and entertaining in the end than receiving that “I will do anything for you” expression when I have a chewstick or a biscuit in hand.

From the Banking industry to IT to dog sitting, it feels like I have come a long way, but eventually to the right place. So much so, that I would wonder what was I doing in the IT or banking industry. I always wanted to enjoy the company of a dog but then as a child, I was never allowed to have pets. Anyone who has grown up in Pune would be familiar with the “galli” pet dog who was most often than not, named Tipu or Raja. So we also had our own Tipu (fondly called Tipya) followed by many more Tipu’s and Mau’s whom we grew up with.

My first dogs were Shadow and Bruno who came in my life when I got married. Shadow is my quintessential Lab whose trademark “bum and tail shake” could knock down glasses off the table. Bruno is my German Shepherd who just cannot keep himself away from trouble and his vet. I have infact named him his vet’s cash cow. Shadow and Bruno adopted me graciously. Whenever my mother in law goes out of town, they stop eating for maybe a day or two. And that remains my secret wish …that one day; they would miss me so much that they would atleast skip one meal if they didn’t see me around.


It is fourteen months today since I started PetSitters and these fourteen months have been wonderful. What started off as a 6 kennel facility run by my father and I, with no help at hand, has now become a facility of 12 kennels, a huge play area with a staff of four people, who maintain the pet schedules and hygiene of the kennels.



Our PetSitters dog squad has also increased from one to five in these last few months. Our Chief Security Officer, Baja, also the co-founder of PetSitters, introduced us to Raja (his best buddy) and he was also immediately taken in as his Deputy. They together perform the duty of notifying us when someone is at the door or on the hill slope behind our house by barking. Next is Dhondu, our Rottie, who joined our team last year. He is a Personal Security Guard. He keeps strangers at bay. And, then our latest additions are Sophie & Kaizer- Both Labs and a part of our Welcome Committee. With the most lovable expressions, they are sure to capture your attention and come running to you.


After 120 dogs, an equal number of owners and 3 dog bites later, all I can say is I am looking forward to more- just dogs and owners… no dog bites


please!! Each one of them has taught me something new. Each dog leaves me with his/her own wonderful memory which I will cherish and retain for the rest of my life with this blog.